Welcome to GloryHouse

Established in July of 2005, Gloryhouse Furniture Manufactory has been known to produce quality furniture to withstand everyday’s wear and tear at competitive prices. With our 1.1mils square foot plant, we stock lumber and material to compensate for any delays from our suppliers.

The owner has been in the furniture industry since the mid 80’s. With his retail background and education in mechanical engineering, he applies this into the designs and construction of all production in the factory. Always keeping the end users’ needs and wants into consideration, we are able to cut costs, yet simultaneously maintain sound construction.  

At Gloryhouse, we provide our employees with living quarters, schooling for their children (school fees, transportation, and meals), a daycare facility for infants and toddlers, and after-school tutoring service. All these amenities are free of charge to the parents. 

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