With our 1.1mils square foot plant, our production workshop is implemented with equipments and machines from the well-known tooling suppliers. Operated and maintained by our experts who have experience in manufacturing furniture more than ten years, our production chain is designed for the ideal quantity and quality you may expect.

Part Shipping

Photo #1: Shipping Process

Painting Area

Photo #2: Painting Process

Including five separated buildings which are occupied by the production workshop, warehouses, and office, the factory is invested to produce dinning sets, bedroom sets, chairs, and other wooden interiors, using both veneer and solid timber.

Raw Materials

Photo #3: Material Warehouse

Raw Cutting

Photo #4: Cutting Area

White Products

Photo #5: White Products

Finishing Products

Photo #6: Finishing Area


Photo #7: Packing Area

Final Products

Photo #8: Final-Product Warehouse